A few things about making art I’ve learned through Experience

You learn more if you don’t go into something thinking you know how to do it already. Be humble enough to learn.

I really learned this after high school.  Back then I didn’t listen to my teachers, because “I already know how to draw.” Well… I didn’t. Not really. My work from that time shows it. I learned so much more in my college drawing classes, and I’m sure a good amount of that is because I was willing to listen to instruction.

When you’re struggling really hard to understand something and want to just give up, often times if you hang in there past that feeling, just a little longer and it will click.

Me on learning perspective.  I still am not that good at it, but one assignment for Drawing I was to draw the hallway in perspective, and I felt like crying in frustration because it was so hard.  I wanted to give up, but I needed to do the assignment, and after a some persistence, I was able to do it.

One of the most important things is becoming willing to fix and/or redo a picture that isn’t working.

This is something I learned from life-drawing as well.  Sometimes you mess up. Actually, often you’ll mess up. Sometimes you work really hard and long on something and it’s terrible.  Learning to be willing to go over it again or start fresh is important.  Sometimes when you’re just starting, it feels like climbing Everest when you finally draw something that looks decent, and the idea of doing it over is enough to make you throw down your pencil and swear off drawing for a while.  The truth is though, that you can do better. In time and with practice you’ll improve, and do so much more than you thought you could, as long as you keep going.

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