Tumblr tips for newbies: Tagging

I thought I would make a list of a few tips for people new to tumblr, or who might not quite have the hang of it yet. (Feel free to add below if you notice something I missed!)

Tag your posts:

Tagging on tumblr serves a number of purposes.

  1. To make your posts searchable
  2. To organize them in your own archives
  3. To let people know when you responded to them
  4. To add additional information in a post or reblog
  5. To warn people about content in your post.

1 is pretty straightforward. This is adding general terms like “Sailor Moon,” or “funny” and the like, so people searching for those tags will find your post. (Keep it relevant though, don’t tag completely unrelated things just to put your post into a tracked tag.)

2 is a little different.  As you spend more time on tumblr, you will probably want to easily find older posts, and one way to do that is to tag with something for your own reference. Being more specific will make it easier to distinguish your posts from other users, (‘Yunyin arts’ vs. ‘My art’) but mostly focus on keeping it consistent, so it will be easier to keep track.

3 is again, pretty straightforward.  People tend to track their username, so if you want to get their attention, tag it in your post.

4 is often used to “sneak” extra info into a post, or to comment on a reblog, so if you like, you can check people’s reblogs of your posts to see if they added anything in the tags.


  • This drawing took me 14 hours and I am so done
  • Eeeeee these two are so cute OTP asjbgknkksnfkl

(Be aware that people will look at your tags, so don’t be a jerk thinking people won’t see.)

5 is often used in conjunction with tumblr savior.  It’s generally considered courteous to warn people about the content of your posts, since people tend to have topics they want to avoid for various reasons, including but not limited to phobias and triggers (triggers being things that may trigger reactions in people with histories of problems such as depression, anorexia, etc.) It’s often hard to anticipate these things and you may have no idea what might upset someone, but if it’s something fairly obvious people may not want to see (blood, gore, nudity, etc) then please try to tag it as such.  One tag often used is NSFW (not safe for work) for explicit content, nudity and other things inappropriate for a workplace environment.

You may even want to hide such content with a “Read More” break.

Tumblr Savior:

Tumblr Savior is an add-on that is very popular among tumblr users.  You can use to hide posts containing words or phrases you give it. 

For example, if you have a bad phobia of spiders, you may tumblr savior ‘spider’ and all posts with this keyword (including usernames) will be hidden (exceptions can be made by white-listing, though.) Don’t want to be spoiled for new episodes of Doctor Who? Tumblr savior-ing ‘Doctor Who spoilers’ or ‘Doctor Who’ till you catch up can work nicely.  It really depends on if the people you watch tag posts in ways that are easy to work off of.

Last, general tips:

  • It’s easier to tag your posts early so they get and stay consistent (Something I wish I’d done!)
  • You can’t use commas in tags.
  • You don’t need to use quotes.
  • Sometimes tumblr tagging doesn’t work properly, which is just a fault of the website being what it is. 
  • Dashes (-) tend to make tags break, so try not to use them.

I hope this helps people with learning how to tag!

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